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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Guys Are Dead - Long Live The Mortal Trio!

The new logo/masthead has arrived. This mortal trio have been playing around for years - now it's time for the big showdown.

Peyton is 19 years old. She enjoys painting, sewing, tiki drinks and rough games of monopoly. She is unemployed for the moment. But she's really creative and something of a computer wizard so something will probably turn up pretty soon.

Curtis is 39 years old. He enjoys thrift shopping, rifle shooting and good ole' country music. For the moment he works as a handy man at an IKEA warehouse for a very modest sallery. He hates his job, but he's a survivor.

Leyla is 24 years old. She likes sex and jazz standards (though secretly she's kind of into Kylie Minogue). She works as a stripper. She's doing good money.

Peyton, Curtis and Leyla. Together this mortal trio form ... well of course! ... - PCL

I'm not sure if this is the thing. But I'll use it for a while.
The guys are not really dead. They are just sleeping. You know, tired of standing there all on their own in the hot spotlights.
I've tucked them in properly under silk sheets in their waterbed.
Maybe I'll wake them up if I miss their company.

/Z aka mrdantefontana