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Friday, April 13, 2007

"Hunting High ... ... and Low"

I remeber the first year of this site. I changed and tweaked the design more often than I changed underwear. Well, not really. But almost. I had forgotten how much time I spent with my nose in the template.
Then, suddenly - out of the blue! - I found it. I found the guys! For the first time I thought the page looked ok all over. It was in August 2005. I haven't changed much of the design since.

Now, when I decided to try to create a new logo and let the guys get some rest I had almost forgot about the template and where to put code and stuff.

I posted about the new logo and "the mortal trio" yesterday and thought I had finished it. But I had just started...
Anyway. Now, I think I have it.

Hope you feel at home anyway. It's not the song - it's the singer.

/Z aka mrdantefontana (Peyton, Curtis and Leyla say -It's Good to be here. Now, let us have some privacy will You!)