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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Week 30 - Celebrities - Mae West

Mae West by Salvador Dalí

In the 1930s no woman was wittier, sexier and funnier than Mae on the screen. She even got arrested for corrupting morals a few times. She only made a handful of commercial recordings back then, "I’m No Angel" (Brunswick) being one of them, the rest are mostly culled direct from the films. In 1969 she returned to the screen with Myra Breckinridge, at the age of 76 she wasn’t exactly pulling the punches as she used to. Of course there had to be an album as well. In fact there were two: 'Way Out West' (1966) and 'Great Balls of Fire' (1972), to let you get a taste of it her is "Treat Him Right" from the first album of Mae interpreting popular songs. We leave you with a little something to put on your answering machine.
Additional link: The Random Mae West Quotes Page.

11. Mae West – I´m No Angel (And here's a Momoshare-file when the HepCat server goes down)
12. Mae West – Treat Him Right (Momoshare-file)
13. Mae West – Answering Machine (Momoshare-file)

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Update: The Mae West audio presented here are now being kindly hosted by Splogman. Thanks mate!