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Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Young Sisters

From: DPH: Dutch Encyclopedia
Both sisters were discovered when singing on an “Indonesian Night” in Breda. Shortly after that they were invited to perform in a nationwide radioprogram “d “Oprechte Amateur” and were opening the show of the utterly popular formation the Blue Diamonds. In 1961, their first single was released on the Philips label and it will be no surprise that all the records released after that turned out to be dutch-language covers of international Top-Ten hits. Their first release was a cover of the Allisons hit Are you sure, but there were lots more, nicked from Hayley Mills, Everly Brothers, Jay & te Americans and Peter Hinnen (Germany).The girls frequently went on tour for Dutch soldiers abroad, performing in Germany, France, Belgium, but also Turkey and Greece. Mostly accompanied by the famous Jumping Jewels, but when that band fell apart, also many times by the Young Ones (later: Chapter II)), the Shoes and the Riats. In those big shows they performed together with acts like Ria Verda, Anneke Grönloh, Johnny Lion and Willeke Alberti. In 1966 the sisters recorded the Donovan song: Give him my love – in english, which flopped – but when Philips asked them to return to the old repertoire, they refused because they hated it by now, and stopped singing. In 1981 they went on stage again with Indo legends the Black Dynamites, even recording a song with them on the “Rock ‘n Roll Revival album and guested on the LP from the Ton van Kluyven Orch.
Young Sisters - Johnny kom weer hier (1961).mp3 (Johnny please come back)

Pictures of The young sisters

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