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Sunday, October 16, 2005


Bibi emailed me a couple of really nice mp3s from the brazilian Tropicália era after our discussion on this post (about the article on Brazilian culture minister Gil) .
I thought I should share 3 of them with you all.

Gilberto Gil - Domingo no Parque
Gilberto Gil - Caetano Veloso - Gal Costa - Mutantes - Parque Industrial
Gilberto Gil - Domingou

Do not miss Tropicália, the site. Nice site (In Shock Wave) about the Tropicalismo movement (1967-68) and the music that came out of it.

Thanks Bibi!!

Updated: Some links supplied by super-Bibi:
Tropicália - Hear the Music (Yes, with audio samples)
Tropcalismo in Wikipedia
Liner notes from the Tropicàlia: 30 Years box set, 1998
And a very good and informative (i hope! ;-)) article in Portuguese.
And here you will find a very nice collection of photo's.