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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Week 33 - Celebrities - Adult Stars & Oddities

Tiny Tim is another favourite artist around the office with his encyclopaedic knowledge of oldies. Tim did have his problem in real life but he was a true star, if only shining in the public eye for a brief period in the late 1960s. Here he is in a rare between takes performance with a really odd song, as he put it himself: I wrote this way before Rock Hudson.
No celebrity collection is complete without a porn star or two. As for the Vinnie Spit track you might not want to play this too loud around the office while Nina Whett only are doing what we all really want to do; drink beer and fuck.
Before the awful Bill Cosby Show hit the airwaves Bill had tried for a career as a singer for a while. His albums are usually just plain boring but there’s one exception. 'The Horray For the Salvation Army Band!' album (Warner Bros. 1968) with this truly awful Jimi Hendrix rip off. Another one who should have known better than to mess with heavy rock was Pat Boone who did an entire albums worth of heavy metal tunes in 1997: 'In a Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy' (Hip-O Records).

Note: Some of the links above goes to sites NSFW (and that goes of course also for some of the mp3s)

21. Tiny Tim – Santa Claus Has Got the AIDS
22. Vinnie Spit & Miss Jaqueline – Asshole Man
23. Nina Whett – Drink Beer and Fuck
24. Bill Cosby – Salvation Army Band
25. Pat Boone – Smoke On the Water

All 5 songs as 1 beautiful zip file

All tracks kindly hosted by Splogman.

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