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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Week 32 - Celebrities - Loren & Quinn

Sophia Loren weren’t that too bad a singer as she proves her with her first recording: Mambo Bacan from the movie La Donna Del Fiume (1955). And it did have a beautiful cover, at least in Sweden (see image below). Unlike a lot of other screen stars Anthony Quinn didn’t make the mistake of actually trying to sing on the In My Own Way…I Love You (1969) LP. He just threw out a few lines on how he doesn’t like that love small talk – it’s just too dumb for him cause he knows what love really is, although were known the wiser at the end of it all. Over this gibberish producer Harold Spina built a whole album.
19. Sophia Loren – Mambo Bacan
20. Anthony Quinn – In My Own Way

These 2 delicate tracks are kept online thanks to Splogman.

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