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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Week 31 - Celebrities - Bombshells

Jayne Mansfield and "friend".

As Marilyn Monroe became one of the biggest stars in the 1950s every studio needed their own Marilyn. Those coming closest to achieving more enduring fame was Mamie and Jayne. Just as Marilyn did sing as well as act these two ladies weren’t late in following her. Although maybe not quite to the same heights. Mamie is pulling it off slightly better than Jayne though having been a club singer as well as married to bandleader Ray Anthony might have helped. But when she’s teaming up with June Wilkinson (an ever poorer mans version of Marilyn) on this 1963 track the talent from the previous recordings seems to have gone astray somehow.

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14. Mamie Van Doren – The Beat Generation
(Here's track 14 at YouSendIt)
15. Mamie Van Doren – The Girl Who Invented Rock´n´roll
(Here's track 15 at YouSendIt)
16. Mamie Van Doren & June Wilkinson – The Bikini With No Top On the Top
track 16 at YouSendIt)
17. Jayne Mansfield – Too Hot To Handle
track 17 at YouSendIt)
18. Jayne Mansfield – That Makes It
(Here's track 18 at YouSendIt)

Or download all 5 tracks Zipped as .rar at Momoshare (12,7 MB).

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