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Monday, October 31, 2005

The Music of Charles Manson

"Recorded in 1970, this is a collection of Charles Manson's songs as performed by hardcore Family members Steve "Clem" Grogan (lead vocals and guitar) and (on vocals) Lyn "Squeaky" Fromme, Catherine "Cappy" Gillies, Sandy Good, Ruth Ann "Ouisch" Moorehouse, Nancy "Brenda" Pitman and Cathy "Gypsy" Share (who also added violin). The music on the first disc was originally released under the name The Manson Family Sings the Songs of Charles Manson; the second disc is previously unreleased, mostly alternate versions of the same songs."
The Manson Family : The Family Jams,
Charles Manson & the Family : Charles Manson ("The White Album"),
Charles Manson : Live at San Quentin ("In-cell recordings of songs and improvs; lots of background noises. The UK label that released this CD, Grey Matter, is rumored to be run by the guys from the KLF.") and
Charles Manson : LIE ("Recorded 8 Aug 1968 by Phil Kaufman and released in a limited pressing (200?) in 1970. ...") all 4 posted as big zip files at Endless Mike.

More about The Manson Family here.


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