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Monday, January 03, 2011

The Will To Fail

I believe I have come up with my theme song for the New Year. Katie Lee's "The Will To Fail"

Ms. Overkill featured the originating LP back in the PCL Dark Ages (2007)
from the WFMU Beware of The Blog post without the accompanying video link. Leave it To Yuma to bring the OCD Nation, the audio without having to bother with those bothersome download programs.

The video is culled from the "Out of This World" film that was shown at the 1964 Worlds Fair GM Exhibit and is available at the Prelinger Archive, in it's entirety. Nicely done.

For you history buffs, Katie Lee is alive and well and has had a long and storied career that can be chronicled at the Glen Canyon Institute

Because I got the will to fail, the will to fail, I'm secretly am enjoying myself, I slowly am destroying myself. I think i gotta a tiger by the tail, a tiger called the will to fail.


gloveshot said...

This should top the charts again in 2011.