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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Boa Constrictor Ate My Wife Last Night

We rarely review CDs here at PCL just because, well, we're too busy running around finding junk to amuse you. But when Heathen Angel Todd Westover (ex-Bellrays) contacted us about reviewing Simon Stokes' latest CD, who could say no? Not me. "Stokes is loved by outsiders, biker rockers, folk enthusiasts and social workers across the continent" says part of the press release and I'm at least one of those (you guess.) When I posted a pic of me and Simon at one of his gigs last summer a friend wrote incredulously, "THE Simon Stokes? Nighthawks? Black Whip Thrill Band Simon Stokes?!" Yes, the same one. Could there be another? "Miniskirt Blues/Flower Children" Simon Stokes?" made even more famous by The Cramps and Iggy? Yes, THAT one. Who could make it up? Not me.

It's sort of a given that I would-and I'm guessing many PCL'ers will also-like any record with songs like ""Hanging Out With Cretins," "Down for Death," and the incredible opener "Hey You," (seeing him do these live, while people passed around Salvador-Dali melting-clock cupcakes, children running underfoot as balloons hovered in the air, while a menacing sunglasses-clad Simon paused to give two fingers to the audience, was, as he would put it in his own words, "Stranger Than Fiction." I wondered just what sort of dreams those kids had.)

If you're lucky, you too, will have them. You can have a listen and buy from cdbaby or itunes so do it. Or you'll be depriving yourself "One Night of Sin," and much, much more.
PS. There's some techno DJ out there named "Simon Stokes" (the nerve!) so don't get confused by on youtube. He does not look like this.


glyphjockey said...

Thank god we bent so low!