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Monday, January 17, 2011

When is a bat, not a bat? When it's Lyle Waggoner!

WOW! Lyle Waggoner looks really good as Batman and probably would have been the better choice. The producers went with Adam West because he was so awkward and bizarre (even in real life) and they wanted the series to be ultra-campy. Lyle definitely made it more serious. Peter Deyell makes for a terrible Robin. Check out the screen test footage below. 
Lyle Waggoner & Peter Deyell test for Batman TV series

BAT-BONUS: The footage has been re-cut to include Burt Ward's voice and image. Check it out HERE. It's pretty good


Donna Lethal said...

Waggoner (after Wonder Woman) started a very successful "honeywagon" business out here in Hwood called, of course, Waggoners. You see them on just about every lot.

Dick Cannon said...

Lyle is cool! I think it was on the "Return To The Batcave" DVD where they showed some of this footage and interviewed Lyle sitting in one of his trailers! I forgot about that... thanks! If anyone else reading this comment thread has not seen the DVD, it's worth checking out - Lot os of Bat-fun for the whole bat-family!