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Friday, January 07, 2011

The Vince Guaraldi Trio - Jazz Impressions

Recently, I've become quite anal about sound quality in regards to my vinyl rips. Quality over quantity. The problem though, my untrained ear. I really cannot tell the difference between a recording at 128 kbps and anything recorded higher. The same probably could be said for the sound from a $3,000 stylus and a bargain basement $24 one, a good sound-card, etc. What I can hear, are the slight skips and pops, which at times can be jarring, when it interferes with the track's flow. This absolutely drives me nuts! The trouble is, sometimes you can't see the imperfections in the grooves at the store, as with this LP. Two tracks on this wonderfully melancholy record have oh-so-slight pops. That being said, I've included it anyway. Three of my all time favorite songs show up here: Django, Willow Weep for Me, and Autumn Leaves. Guaraldi adds his flavor to these standards, which seems to only enhance their beauty.

Room at the Bottom

Vinyl Stereo 1963 mp3 Download link.

A Blog w/ Mono CD FLAC link.


Armpit Studios said...

Neat stuff. It's a shame it's so right channel heavy. Is that the vinyl or is the cartridge about dead? Loose connection?

Richard said...

Fairly certain it's the vinyl. I recorded a mono record right after with no apparent issues. I'll check in the morning. It's off to LA-LA land for me.

Martin Klasch said...

Maybe this guy had better luck with his vinyl: Vince Guaraldi - Jazz Impressions
They are FLAC files.

novabeatnik said...

I mixed it down to mono.


Richard said...

Let me get this straight, its poor vinyl quality if each band is let's say fine one minute and then in the next track its a hard pan to the right. This is the first I'm hearing of it and I'm 42 years and have been collecting records since I was 10. I'm saying that it was the intention of the artist for now. Btw, can't tell the difference between FLAC and mp3, with the exception being a CD rip. Again my amateur ears showing again :/.

Armpit Studios said...

Yeah, the other rip sounds like it should (I had to convert to mp3 first). I looked at one of Richard's files and the left channel has no high end. The levels are also really low. My semi-educated guess is a bad cartridge or stylus, or the wiring of said stylus is incorrect.

Richard said...

Ill check the wiring. But like I said Ive recorded other records with no issues. The levels are low because Im trying to find a nice medium. If the levels are too high they tend to distort when a high note is produced. The vinyl was produced in 63 perhaps the flac is a CD rip and was updated for all the crazy audiophiles that sprung up in the 80s. Ive had no complaints on my site with my rips, but maybe they are afraid to speak up.

Richard said...

That FLAC is in mono. I'll update the post.