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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blåvinge och Snöroboten

Mr. Dante Fontana has 2 prodigy nieces. If they were older they would be millionaires, living on a tropical island running the world. They are song writers, artists, pirates and design engineers among many other things. Luckily they are still kids living under their parents roof. This is good because their dad is Dr. Manta. Since he is a Doctor he knows how to doctor things.
So when my nieces showed off their abilities in Lego design about a year ago Dr. Manta "doctored" fake Lego boxes (complete with building instructions) so that they could give away them as gifts this last Christmas.

So, here they are: 'Blåvinge' (Blue argus) and 'Snöroboten' (The snow robot).

'Blåvinge' (See also photo of front and back)

'Snöroboten' (See also photo of front and back. Don't miss the close-up of the instruction how to build the snow robot captain Lars from the manual)

Check out the complete set of photos from this awesome project here.


Martin Klasch said...

Fina grejor, på alla sätt! :)

jayKayEss said...

Cool family!