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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ambrose (Part 5)

One of the strangest novelty records ever recorded.
Just keep walkin....

Peaked at #52 on the Billboard charts in 1959.


Dick Cannon said...

From WIKI:

She recorded the number for Glory Records in late 1958 and took it around to radio stations, who liked the deep-throated Ambrose (which Laurie voiced herself) and bizarre non-sequiturs like "we haven't got a color telephone".

"Ambrose (Part 5)" (despite the name, there were no parts one through four) entered the Billboard charts in January 1959 and peaked at #52 in March.

Linda Laurie wrote a number of songs for other artists, including "Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress)", a hit for Helen Reddy in 1973, as well as the theme song for the 70s Saturday morning show "Land Of The Lost"

Dave said...

don't know how I ever missed these two Ambrose songs - the first is a little disconcerting so I turned it off. The follow-up I could only handle for about 15 seconds. Interesting nonetheless!