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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

'T' is for Talking Toy Animals

Mr. Ed - talking hand puppet (Mattel/ 1965)

T-Bone, The Talking Dog (Mattel/ 1965)

Chester O' Chimp (Mattel/1965)

I now am searching online shops for the talking Chester O' Chimp.
Wondering if he had toy "cousins" that spoke in a mock broken Chinese voice and one with black American "jive" speak?
These are bonkers and sort of cool.
How many of you dear readers had one of these talking toys as a kid?


Donna Lethal said...

These things would give me nightmares, but if you DO find Chester, please let me know.

Unknown said...

My Aunt had one. Me and my brother loved it.

It said the weirdest things in that brogue. Stuff like, "Let's go to the park and feed the flower children."

Dick Cannon said...

I could on and on about the misguided current (80s-present) corporate attitude about children's art and toys, but I would just end up rantinig for about 20 minutes... These are wonderful. Thanks!