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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Mistral - Neon City (NL 1978)

Mistral was a studio project by Robbie van Leeuwen's . Van Leeuwen was one of the founders of Shocking Blue (of the world hit: Venus). Also Rick van der Linden (1946-2006), founding member of Ekseption, played a main part in Mistral. The group had several lead singers. In this clip you can see/hear both Mariska Veres, lead singer and face of Shocking Blue and Marjan Schattelijn. It's probably the only time Mistral appeared as a real popgroup in front of an audience

Mistral's first single was Jamie sung by Sylvia van Asten


mcyeager said...

that is the worst video i've ever seen. you know it's bad when the keyboardist is the most exciting one.

splogman said...

to comfort you: to my knowledge this was their only TV-performance as a band ever.
The song also comes very close to the worst song I've ever heard. It is almost as bad as Boney M's version of By the rivers of Babylon.
Naturally I was font of them because of STARSHIP 109