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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pop Photography - An introduction, perhaps?

I'm known as Rantz as well as Charles (or Charlz) Strebor - I take fotiez, I blog, I eat, I sleep and I work to pay for the first four in the list.

I haven't a clue as to what Pop Photograpy is - but I have lots of ideas.  The more I look for Pop Photography, the more confused I become and the more ideas I find tend to add to the confusion.

What is it, this Pop Photography?  Is it a subset of Pop Art - whatever that may be:

Is it photography using toy cameras or software to emulate toy cameras - whatever they may be:

Is it photography of one of those mysterious items of our current culture - the 23?

I still haven't a clue - but I still have lots of ideas (and even more confusion) about this idea of Pop Photography.  Your feedback welcome and appreciated - particularly if it adds to my confusion:
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mrdantefontana said...

Welcome Mr. 23!

Anonymous said...

It´s a German thing! Us Germans love the Pop discourse. Probably to make up for the lack of intercourse. Pop has nothing to do with popular in Germany. Pop is everyting that is colourful and bright and shiny. Everything that is not German: sincere, deep and grey.But we still love to talk and write about the pop stuff very deeply and sicerely. Germany is full of Greil Marcuses...

Desuko. said...

Welcome, Sir Rantz!