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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Coop Kaiju Pr0n

I am in awe of the marriage between excess wealth and geek boy obssession. I have a passive interest in Kaiju toys but when I stumbled upon Coop's Flickr account I was stunned by the magnitude of his collection. Between the Japanese rubber monsters and the Alternative nude models (which he often combines with depraved glee), the man leads a decadently delicious lifestyle - and still manages to find the time to paint. Please be aware many of the images on his Photostream are definitely NSFW!







baikinange said...

What a colorful landfill that will make some day!

Gorilla Man said...

I can't comprehend where he would find the time to appreciate any one toy for more than ten or fifteen seconds - it's stupefying! Unfettered indulgence! I am oozing with envy!