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Monday, April 26, 2010

R.I.P. Bo Hansson

Bo Hansson, the Swedish organist and composer has died.

He was probably most well known for his 'Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings' and for being one part of the duo Hansson & Karlsson (their rare flexi Ep's is a part of one of PCL's compilations here - you can also see some groovy clips with the band here in this swedish tv special).
His music and his vision definitively deserves to be more recognized.

'Leaving Shire' (Sagan Om Ringen (Lord Of The Rings))

'At the House of Elrond & The Ring Goes South' (Sagan Om Ringen (Lord Of The Rings))

'Waiting ...' (Mellanväsen (Attic Thoughts))


Armour-Dillo said...

You know, I grew into the last of my teens listening to Hansson when I was 18. I bought his record because I liked the album cover. Little did I realise what kind of journey i was about to embark on.

He took me to places that I didnt need drugs to carry me there, on fantastic flights and dreams that mirrored my mood that his music put me in.

I will always be grateful that I choose that album, because without his influence, my own music would be far less enjoyable.

And yes i whole heartidely agree, his music should be far more appreciated than it is, an unsung hero, a legend.

I was sorry to hear of Bo's passing but as George Harrison once said, "All things must pass"