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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hector & his Mediators

From the bayou to Israel, Dead Wax has the oddball tale of Jean-Pierre Kalfon, lead singer for Hector and his Mediators. Billed in France as "Le Chopin du Twist", Hector counted the Screamin's as his influences, Jay Hawkins and Lord Sutch.
While you're there, you might also enjoy the unabashedly racist "Chinese Rock and Roll" by Bobby Gregory.

EDIT: If you need more Hector (I did), you can find 5 more songs and LOTS more odd stuff here.


Dj No Breakfast said...

an old favorite of mine. Thanks Ange. If you ever have the opportunity to play this song in a party in France, you will instantly become the coolest cat in the house!