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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Thunder and Train Whistles and Hot Bagels

This is my dreamy album of the week...it's thunderstorms backing dorky easy listening songs with titles like "Fire Island" and "Hot Bagels". And one is song played by a train whistle. I cannot recommend this fine album enough. Get it here and learn more about the musician behind the album here.


Jim said...

Another of my all-time fave nasty secret habits uncovered by the intrepid and ruthless Ange. The title track, the lyrics to which consist entirely of a male chorus singing "I must go. Ah, no." is featured heavily on the soundtrack to the movie in my mind, showing nightly on a BetaMax hooked up to a console TV located somewhere in the San Fernando Valley.
Thanks for adding the patina of vinyl to these long-held treasures. (Need I add that I once owned a shack on Fire Island, and that song captures the essence of the place in a way gay disco just never could.)