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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Seperate Cinema Archive

"The Separate Cinema Archive has, for over two decades, been the only source dedicated to the art and fascinating history of the African-Americans in film. The archive of over 25,000 posters, lobby cards, stills and assorted ephemera spans the past century of important and historic black cinema."
The Vintage Years - 50 posters - Black Film's Early Years pre-1960
Jazzin' Jammin' & Jivin' - 75 posters - The History of Black Music in Film
Blaxploitation - 50 posters - The Colorful and Controversial 1970s
The Black Soldier - 26 posters - The History of the Black GI in Film.
The Black Athlete - 50 posters - The Breaking of Sports 'Color Barrier'
Harlem Goes West - 26 posters - The Black Western Cowboy
Harlem Goes East - 40 posters - Japanese artwork of American black film
Behind the Lens - 50 posters - Black Women in Cinema
The New Black Hollywood - 50 posters - Contemporary Films
From Slavery to Freedom - 50 posters - The Issue of Race in Film

And the catalogue of Vintage and Non-Vintage Movie and Music Posters.

Seperate Cinema Archive (via RaShOmoN)