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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Important Information

HepCat Willy has sponsored HTMPL Prod.'s mp3 posts here at PCL LinkDump with loads of bandwidth ever since we started with those little projects. He has also been hosting some of the best vinyl sharity sites around the web.
He (Bill, is his name) is a man of vision and a VERY NICE man!
We would like to thank him here from the PCL headquarters for the great ride and for your kindness. Cheers to you and a BIG HUG!

However, he has now decided to stop hosting sites sharing mp3s and gives very good reasons for the decision. He will remove all files on his server in a week or so.
That means you'll have to hurry if you want to grab a hold of the latest of HTMPL's projects "Fakes & Propaganda" before it implodes.

This also means we have to find another way to share all of our scheduled future mp3s.

Probably this means a free, less fancy service - like Rapid Share, YouSendIt or something like that.

We need your thoughts on this. What free service do you think is the best? etc, etc.

Sorry about this guys - now let's move on!