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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Yma Sumac

"A young Yma Sumac --not in the High Andes...
but in the Malibu mountains! This is the very early 50's."

This is the first ever truly authorized web site for Miss Yma Sumac. She is very much a part of the site, and thrilled to welcome you aboard!

Also: Read more about Yma at SunVirgin.com's biography page.

And most important: Read the essay "Yma Sumac...the Voice of the Incas" once published in Fate 1951...
...made available by the great Java's Bachelor Pad.

Update: Somebody mailed me and asked me if I could post an mp3 with Miss Sumac. Ok... This is no mp3 blog. But here is a YouSendIt-File with Yma Sumac doing 'Babalu'. That's all I can offer for the time being. Enjoy!
Update II: Yma Sumac Polyphonic Ringtone (Malambo No. 1)