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Monday, February 28, 2005

Whoa, Nellie!

Robert Berry of retroCRUSH has interviewed Alison Arngrim, the girl (I suppose she is a woman by now...) who played the snotty little spoiled brat in Little House on the Prairie.
And it's a really fun and interesting talk. Everyone with a taste for anything pop cultural should read this. A lot of facts and information you wouldn't want to live without and a lot of laughs, is what you get!

"(R. B.): I thought it would be a fun project to just catalog every single character that’s ever been on that show. Some just mysteriously appear on the show and (the story has them) living there for 4 years. Like there’s this Blacksmith that is a part of the town, and you never…

(A. A.): There’s some banker and then you’re like “whatever happened to that banker?” (laughs)

Right, there should be like 9,000 people living in Walnut Grove if you really listed them all out.

There’s some child who’s sick, and they come to see Doc Baker, and then you never see them again. Or the little girl who was crippled, and had one leg shorter than the other, and Pa made shoes for her.

She grew up to do other shows.

Well that was Kim Richards. And do you know who Kim Richards is?

Well, I know her as an actress.

She was in Nanny and The Professor, and she was the little crippled girl on Little House on The Prairie, and her sister Kyle Richards was also on…I believe it was that Patricia Neal episode where she was dying, and her three children had to get adopted.

She was also on this horrible show, it was a spin off of Diff’rent Strokes, called Hello, Larry!

YES! Oh my god!

McLean Stevenson’s show, she was his daughter.

Yep. Well here’s the kicker. There’s a third sister, who’s their older sister, named Kathy Richards…she was a child actress, too, but she got married when she was
18 or 19, and who did she marry?

Uhhh….Rod Stewart?

Mr. Hilton! Kim Richards is Paris Hilton’s Auntie."

retroCRUSH Interviews Alison Arngrim - Tv's Greatest Villain: Nellie Oleson (Part 1 of 2)