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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

PCL LinkDump: Last 60 days

The last 60 days according to my Statcounter. Boing Boing, here I come! ;-)

The fact that PCL gets more and more hits makes me happy - but comes as no surprise. A blog needs time to get established. Now the word is out - and I'm here delivering.
Lately I've been whoring around for new visitors to entertain. Last weeks I have been pinging a rather big Swedish blog-service called Nyligen, a place for Swedish blogs to ping whenever they've got new material on their blog. Johnny is also to blame. His blog seems to have quite alot of readers since I have been getting a fair share of hits from his support.
The fact that John Walkenbach started to read my blog has also been a positive effect.
Then there is the mysterious nerp.net which I know nothing about but get a lot of hits from. Anyone has a clue?