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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Breaking News!

"This photo was probably taken in the early 80's...before THOR released Unchained. Notice Cherry Bomb/Pantera reaching for that nipple!"

Exciting news from Smog Veil: "THOR has just signed a major multi-media contract with the fast-rising label, Smog Veil Records (SV Records)
A new album, Thor Against The World has already been recorded, and should be unleashed very soon. This is Rock the way Rock SHOULD be tapping into and channeling the very heart & soul of the genre! It's extremely catchy and addictive, with a timeless quality that will make it just as fresh decades from now as it will be on its release.
A video has already been shot for the song: Glimmer (which will include scenes from the upcoming movie, Murder in the Presidio which will air on the USA Network on April 29, and features Thor)."

As exciting as these news really are I think the website is just as exciting! Look at this Early flyer for one of Thor's "Muscle Rock" shows. It rocks! And what about this very early shot of THOR and his band having fun with ballons! And here is THOR recording the new album (I don't know... it doesn't do it to me...)
So whatever you think of THOR musically take at least a tour through the Photo Archives. You won't be disappointed. There is something for everyone! I promise. (thanks to Up-Tight)