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Saturday, February 12, 2005


Magnus tells us: Bellybongo visitors may remember John Sangster's Australia and all that jazz LP which I shared one year ago, here is a similar LP, allthough sponsored by I guess commercial interests, it's jazz mixed with animal and nature sounds, sometimes exotica-styled and humorous, always uplifting, you will also experience some serious Baretta style funk.
Bonus consist of a find from this week, a Finnish version of Eden Ahbez' Nature Boy recorded in 1958 by OLAVI VIRTA, and also a find from some month's ago: SVEN PETTERSSON OCH SLUMPENS SKÖRDAR doing Aloha Oe, here entitled Alohae recorded 1977.
John Sangster died some years ago, but you can still support his memory! There are beautiful CD reissues currently available with Sangster's jazz interpretations of "LORD OF THE RINGS".

John Sangster Concert Orchestra - Paradise VOL. 1