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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Mysterious Artist


"Does this painting look familiar? The chances that you have seen it before are pretty high. The chances you also know that its name is "Tina" are a bit lower. The chances that you know anything about the artist who created it are close to zero.
I am talking about J.H. Lynch, an artist that left nothing but his paintings and his signature. I am not talking about someone who lived 400 years ago or some local hobby artisan. No, I am talking about a persona whose works were sold worldwide in amounts of hundred thousands if not even millions. And even though this happened only some 30 years ago there are almost no traces left that could answer questions like: Who is J.H. Lynch? Is he still alive? Is he a woman? Where did he come from? Are there more paintings? ..."
J.H. Lynch: Mysterious Artist. (thanks to Johnny)