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Saturday, February 05, 2005


Current Main Project:
Post all 1,332 Dr. Demento Shows in my collection as high-quality stereo (192kBit/s or 128kBit/s), 64kBit/s stereo and 32kBit/s mono (the lower bitrates are for our friends with modems).

The main goals for the website are:
To preserve the history of "The Doctor Demento Show" in the form of a complete digital archive
To allow fans to listen to past shows online
To allow users to share their show recordings with each other
To promote the artists who record our favorite music
To inform each other where their favorite songs and albums can be purchased
To promote the Doctor's show and try to get him played on more stations
To inform the fans of news and events related to the genre
Whatever else the fans demand! It's really
THEIR site!