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Friday, November 19, 2004

"Who's gonna get me a beer?"

"... "I need a beer," Marvin said. "Who's gonna get me a beer? I'm gonna get me a beer? I feel like a beer. Hell, I need a beer. Where are my glasses?" He peered around him. "Ever read this book? I got it for Christmas or some goddamn thing. A history of the West. Look here. All these cowboys are wearing chaps. Workingmen, see. Look here Bronco Billy dressed up in the East's conception of the Western hero. See. From a dime novel. That's how authentic a Western we made when we made ‘Monte Walsh.’ Where's that beer? That author, he knows what it was reallylike. Get me a beer." ..."
Roger Ebert "talks" to Lee Marvin 1970. (via MetaFilter)