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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

"The Art of Collage"

"Welcome to the first (of many to come) Crimes Against Art group shows. The theme of this exhibition is "The Art of Collage". The loosest definition of collage is"An assemblage of diverse elements". The idea behind collage is to take various images and combine them to create something new. Traditional collage is usually done by cutting up images, then gluing them down to canvas or paper, but this show took a more broad approach, that is related to the looser definition of the word. We got a great response with a lot of fantastic and diverse entries. It was very difficult for me to select which pieces would be included. As you can see, the number of pieces that I included is fairly large, but unfortunately I still had to leave a lot of great artwork out."
[Collage by Rob Z "Red Rockets". Click image for larger view]

"The Art of Collage"