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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Neon Lights

The El Dorado Club, Fremont Street, Las Vegas c. 1950

"Neon in Nevada lights up the desert sky. It turns night into day. A distinctive symbol of the Silver State, neon -- like jazz -- is part of the culture America has presented to the world. Rather simple in concept, neon is composed of an electrically-charged gas enclosed in a glass tube. But the glass tubes may be bent into practically any shape, turning neon into liquid fire. Since neon was created, people have been fascinated by it for many reasons. The infinite variety of shapes it can assume, the subtle glow of its light, the jewel-like quality of its colors are all among the causes for its appeal. Today nostalgia is added to that list. For whatever reason, neon continues to fascinate and attract, as it always has."
'Nevada Historical Society' tells us about Neon Lights (and Vegas). (via Life In The Present)
If this had been one of those cool mp3 blogs - which it's not - there had been a Krafwerk song here.