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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Elvis Paintings

Naoki Mitsuse tells us: "I was about 11 and living in Singapore when Elvis died in 1977. I remember reading an article in the morning paper about a local teenage girl who had thrown herself out of a balcony of a tall apartment building, leaving a note that said something like "now that Elvis is dead, I have nothing to live for and goodbye." This had a profound impact on me and I realized then, that Elvis was a very powerful man."
So he painted the Elvis Series between 1994-1996. Then he stopped to suddenly make a remarkably comeback with Elvis Paintings 2002 (via grow-a-brain)
http://www.goultralightsgo.com/naoki/elvis/pages/menu.html & http://www.goultralightsgo.com/naoki/elvis_2002/index.html