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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Sound of Bruce West

Pastor McPurvis informs us: "Up this week is a cool little album by musician extraordinaire Bruce West. Not only do we have Mr. West tastefully playing a Hammond Organ and a Piano simultaneously, he also throughs in a Chamberlin for some extra color. The Chamberlin was an instrument that ‘played’ sounds that had been pre-recorded on strips of tape. Press a key on the Chamberlin and you could summon forth the sounds of a violin. Change the tapes inside the machine and command an entire choir. All this stuff is old hat to us now that we have digital samplers, but this must have sounded very unique in 1963 when this album was recorded. Mr. West incorporates the sounds from the Chamberlin into his arrangements quite well. He never uses the instrument in a gimmicky way. The ending of ‘Colonel Bogey’, for example, is quite cool with the sounds of snare drums and bagpipes fading away into the distance. Mr. West was a featured entertainer at D’Agostino’s Villa Nova Restaurant in Winter Park, Florida. Unfortunately, the restaurant closed in 1976 and a drug store currently stands where Mr. West once held court. Luckily you can download this album, play it while eating dinner by candlelight, and experience the mellow mood music of Bruce West."
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