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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Sciltian Adams : His Orchestra and Choir

Kristof at Space Debris presents his latest 'Featured Album': "Here's another fleamarket find for you.
I found it in a small lot of library LPs. None of them looked too exciting ('pastoral' themes on the guitar, etc) but this one was different. There were no mood descriptions as you'd find on 'real' library LPs and some of the titles had a rough edge to it. Generation Gap and especially Feeling The Riot sounded promising.
Turned out to be a hit. Strange, though some of the tracks start off in an EZ way it's never cheesy. At times it's positively HOT with mad basslines and percussion and brass belting over it all. Add some wordless vocals by The Choir and you get a sound that I've found to be strangely addictive.
But who is Sciltian Adams? Try to google the name and you will get zero results. Never heard of the man before finding this record, or since. Must be an alias than. The label mentions C. Carucci as arranger but that doesn't ring a bell either. Once again: if you know more about this LP or the people behind it I'd appreciate to hear about it."

Sciltian Adams : His Orchestra and Choir