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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Our First Album

Pastor McPurvis 'Weekly mp3 Talent Show presents: Danny Taylor Trio - Our First Album.
Pastor tells us: "Up this week is a peek at the type of entertainment available to those who dared to venture into the nightlife of Palm Beach, Florida in the early 1970s. When I first found this album, I got excited because I though I stumbled upon something from the drummer of the Silver Apples. I’m not so sure this is the same Danny Taylor however. Could Mr. Taylor really have left behind the intricate, polyrhythmic drumming and electronic experimentation to pursue a career entertaining society mavens with hack renditions of popular tunes? At any rate, it doesn’t matter because, as the liner notes state, you will experience, “exhilaration when you hear the professional compatibility of the Danny Taylor Trio.” I can tell you that you have never heard a version of ‘Shaft’ quite like this before. The matching outfits get a thumbs up from the Pastor as well. As always, Enjoy!"