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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Strangely Familiar

"Headquartered in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, Strangely Familiar Music Club is a tribe, a family, an army of dancers, musicians, djs, and artisans from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.
Dedicated to shaking up the music and art scene across the globe, SFMC assembles impromptu gatherings, parties, and performances based on the fusion of styles, genres, cultures, and classes .. aimed at opening minds and enabling creative thought and expression.
SFMC is commited to expanding awareness of the arts by fusing the familiar with the unknown through dance, music, theatrics, and the visual arts."
And further on about the mash-ups: "Strangely Familiar Music Club regularly features artists of all types, focusing on music, particularly bootlegs, bastard pop, and mash-ups. With the proliferation of digital music software, an entire world of music production and interpretation has begun, spawning an army of "bedroom producers." and "desktop DJs" .. Thus begins the R/Evolution!
The basic premise of bastard pop, or a mash-up, is that you take two songs, ideally, two very different songs and combine them into one new and unique song. Of course, there are many variations on this theme, and today's mash-ups can be very complex."