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Thursday, September 02, 2004

More free, and happening sounds

"CAUTION! The primitive rhythms in this album are basic and explosive! Those unaccustomed (or accustomed) to dealing with aroused emotions are urged to listen with care!" sais Magnus at Bellybongo Sharity about Bianchi & The Jungle Sex-Tet - Music to play in the dark

"Here is another of possibly one of the most bizarre albums ever recorded. Why? Because the guys behind this gem went to a lot of trouble to purposely record a man who they knew couldn't sing worth beans. Then the producer went out and snagged a deal to put it out on the highly-respected R&B label Atlantic Records!" sais Dana about his latest Downloadable Album of the Month: Sam Chalpin - My father the pop singer
http://www.bellybongo.com/links/sharity.html & http://www.danacountryman.com/sam_chalpin/Album.html