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Sunday, September 12, 2004

In a sexy japanese mood

Astroboy tells us: "This month's offering is one of my favorite thrift store finds, 'Sexy Mood' by The Three Cats. The music is charming and who wouldn't be knocked out by those red cocktail dresses? The liner notes are in japanese, but thanks are due to Mrs Joyce Parkhurst for kindly translating the song titles for me. A little web research tells me that the Cats had a huge hit in Japan during 1959/60 entitled 'Kiiroi Sakuranbo' ('Yellow Cherry' in english) This was also banned from radio airplay for a time due to its suggestive content, and later covered in 1970 by a mixed race all-girl band known as The Golden Half (who appear onstage singing it in the film 'Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter') I also found several translations online for the lyrics, so I've combined and paraphrased the first verse here for everyone's enjoyment:

"Attractive young girls (sigh)
Even sexy, perhaps (sigh)
Maybe they're aroused (sigh)
Maybe they aren't (sigh)
That's the charm of the "Yellow Cherries"
You may squeeze them (one)
you may suck them (two)
Sweet, yet bitter (three)
One, two, three (long sigh)
Yellow cherries"

I've included 4 bonus tracks taken from a coverless Japanese EP which I found in a Goodwill store. I recognized 'Tokyo Shoeshine Boy' which appears in MASH, but other than that I can't learn much about the first two selections. However Joyce Parkhurst tells me that Yoshiko Yamaguchi was a chinese born performer who found stardom in Japan. (Thanks again to Mrs Parkhurst for translating and providing the names of these performers)"
Raymondo's Dance-O-Rama presents the sexy moods of the Three Cats!!