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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Incoming sounds

Week 37 of the 52 weken / 52 weeks project is now offering Music at the Meander (Meander Big Band, Meander Pop Choir and related school orchestra projects).
"Maybe cold sweat still comes over former Meander students when they think back of the way they were kept under control and were stimulated (read: "forced")to attent to rehearsels."

Trini Lopez! Enjoy the Folk Album which is delivered to us by Rato Records.

"...some rare tracks from my favorite soundtrack composer, Ifukube Akira. He wrote the music for the original Godzilla film, and also for dozens of other films, horror, monster, sci-fi, samurai films and serious dramas. I wish I had bought every one of these cd-only compilations when I was in Japan, but I was lucky enough to come away with a couple of them. They're just not available here in the U.S.,, so enjoy!" Garage Hangover is in a Japanese monster mood.

Vem kan segla förutan vind? [Bad translation: Whom is able to sail without wind?] Will Anna-Lisa spread some light over this retorical question?
Thanks to Magnus.

Want to make a travel through music? Then download the incredible 42.19 minutes of total confusion brought to you by algorhythms. It's a trip!