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Sunday, September 02, 2007

About accuracy and all that jazz

In a drunken state of mind I just hit send button regarding some stuff I had to get off my chest.
It happened to be http://www.counterpunch.org/.
But it could be any site.

"Ladies and gents!

Thank you for plugging my site.
Nice of you.

It looks like your linking to my (and my contributors) "blog" named PCL LinkDump under the sub-header "Website of the Weekend".

First thing:

I recognize your site as a political one.
Doesn't that mean you have an agenda?
I mean.. you want to get on top of things.
You want to like... rule. You want a new agenda to shine through.
You want a change.

You have a message,


If so you need to really get on top of things.
You need to get things right.
You need to come through.
You need people to listen to you.


Then, let me tell you, You really need to get things right.
You need to be specific.
You need to pinpoint stuff.
You need to show what's right opposed to what's wrong.

You need not to be lazy.
You need to fight to get things right.
You need to fucking get things going.
You need to have the people believe in you.
Yes, You need to be true.
True to your cause.
And true to yourself.

This is important.

Therefore it also important to be true to your readers.
You really shouldn't go sloppy and lazy on your readers.
You need them.
And they need you.

It's a matter of trust.

You are linking to a blog post on my blog calling it "Website Of The Weekend".

It is not a website you are linking to.
It is a blog post. The content is top class - but - it's still a blog post.
It's not a blog. Nor is it a "Website".

I do not expect you to change or correct the url cause you're just running one of these blog-thingies. Blog-thingies are not to take seriously. Those are not real life.

Well. if you think so.
You're way wrong.

It's all about content.
Websites and blogs are - as a fact - an important part of most people's life.

But, really, you need to stay on top of things.
It is important.

Best wishes.

/Z aka mrdantefontana

Owner and manager for

Laugh at me if I'm out of line.
Laugh with me if I'm right.

It's no biggie.

The show must go on - as always.

Updated (2 days later): No, perhaps his wasn't the most well-thought and precise email I ever written. Eh... NO.
I think the rum got me to think I actually was Jack Kerouac for a few inspiring moments. But I can now clearly see this assumption was based on false or no information at all.
But the foundation on which this "sprout" was build still stands.