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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kip Hanrahan

Musician/producer/lyricist Kip Hanrahan’s greatest contribution to music is in his role as facilitator-- inspiring some fabulous performances from such diverse artists as Jack Bruce, Steve Swallow, Don Pullen, Arto Lindsay, David Murray, and a whole slew of Latin percussionists.

At his best, the different musical styles meld together in ways that are fresh and energizing, or unapologetically romantic and sensual. Granted, Kip has been known to drift into some unforgivably bad territory--self indulgent artsy blather about his sex life, and songs with unnecessarily heavy and intrusive percussion.

Follow this link to a sampler of some of Kip’s best music from the 1980s. At the very least, go for my all-time favorite track: Shadow Song (Mario’s In)—highlighted by tight band arrangements, Jack Bruce’s rocking vocals, and David Murray’s searing hot sax solos that just might get you up and dancing around the room. Then visit the website of Kip’s label, American Clavé, for more about this underrated artist.