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Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Daisy Girl

"DAISY... is a multimedia extravaganza that is the definitive examination of the notorious 1964 television campaign ad that featured a little girl plucking daisies before being obliterated by stock footage of an atomic bomb explosion. Produced for the Democratic National Committee and designed to decimate the presidential aspirations of Senator Barry M. Goldwater, the Daisy spot has come to be regarded as an iconic moment in pop culture history.
Conelrad has spent the last year tracking down everyone associated with the ad that we could find—including the elusive Daisy Girl herself—as well as locating long forgotten historical documents (textual, graphic, audio, and film) in order to create the most authoritative history ever published on this iconic advertisement. ..."

Daisy: The Complete History Of An Infamous And Iconic Ad at Conelrad.