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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Susa's Red Ears

Filmmaker Brent Green helpfully provides this description of his short animation, "Susa's Red Ears":
"A little girl with a firetruck in her head on the day the sun explodes saves herself, and very little else."

From Creative Capital:

"I'm not, so much, into polished stuff," says Green, whose work is all about the improbable splendor of the broken down, the rickety, and the barely-held-together. "I don’t see any beauty in it."

This pursuit of the unexpected is what drew Green to filmmaking in the first place. After writing a short story, Green decided he wanted to bring it to life. So he taught himself how to animate, maniacally drawing thousands of images that second by second became his first film, Susa's Red Ears (2002), a story about a girl who sleeps on top of a bureau.