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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Charmer is Louis Farrakhan

Let us turn to the immortal words of Louis Farrakhan for a moment of inspiration....

Me donkey want water. Any kind of water.
Holy water, fish water, dish water
This donkey want whiskey,
whiskey and soda, soda and bourbon,
Yes, he drink his rye,
Yes, he want his scotch.
And you know he want the rum.
Rum and Coca-Cola.
Yes he drinking beer.
Yes, Schlitz beer, Carling's Red Cap Ale,
And Budweiser beer, and kind of gone beer
Even drinkin' wine.
Elderberry, Port & sherry, Blackberry,
Wine wine wine. The 69 cent kind!

The Charmer is Louis Farrakhan