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Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Art Of The Rant

Katya, the oddio witch has launched a new project:
"This is a spoken word project in the grand tradition of ranting, raving lunatics, like those who created the 208 versions of Todd Colby's "Cake". Colby went off in a spoken piece proclaiming his unhinged love for cake, and WFMU DJ Kenny G encouraged listeners to deliver the piece in their own interpretations.
In a drunken haze, the owner and manager of PCL Link Dump
[Well, I guess that could be me she's referring to...] wandered off on a little rant about accuracy and aspiring to be correct. Following in the tradition of good rant interpretation, it was immediately recorded by some fans. The project was then opened up to the world, including you, yes you! Let off a little steam, go crazy and perform your own audio interpretation of the rant."
You Need To Get Things Right - The Art Of The Rant:
Project Statement, Audio Submissions

Note: Read the original post, here at PCL, that started all this overwhelmingly fun nonsense.