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Friday, May 18, 2007

This Is Joe Cutajar

"The cover shot says it all. Joe squats nervously floating on a sickly orange background, sporting a hideous headache-inducing striped sweater and a forced grin as though he knew he was on to a loser. But his loss is our gain..."

"This Maltese easy listening effort is one of those well meaning, but deliciously inept albums where the singer is let down by the quality of the production. Joe Cutajar was a big name in Malta and first found fame as one half of Helen and Joe who warbled the Maltese entry L-imhabba (The Love) for the 1972 Eurovision song Contest. It came bottom. This was the last Malta entry to be sung in Maltese, all subsequent entries were in English. But Joe compromised and sings in both Maltese and English on this 10-track album, which, being from 1977, is awash with Moog synths, wah-wah guitar and a particularly unpleasant Salina string machine. ..."
This Is Joe Cutajar made available as part of the 365 Days Project over at WFMU's blog.