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Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Nostalgic Glass

Mercantile National Bank
"Since its last tenant left in the early 1990’s, the Mercantile had loomed like a ghost ship over downtown Dallas. Once the center of power in the city and the pride of R.L. Thornton, the building now projected a blighted and musty air through the surrounding blocks. Buyers came and went; the years and seasons passed, and slowly, people forgot even what was inside."

"When the 20-story Dallas Building was added in 1958, R.L. Thornton moved his office over there. Perhaps the view here no longer suited him.

Reflected in the mirrors was the Republic National Bank, the Competition. That building, with its rocket-shaped spire, ultimately took away the Mercantile’s title as the tallest building in Dallas."

"The boardroom sat vacant, though likely no one had ever seen a larger conference table. The few people who came to visit in those last days could fancy themselves captains of industry, and who was there to say otherwise?"

The Nostalgic Glass - Photographical explorations of the ruined historical architecture of Russia and Elsewhere.
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